B.E.E Folder

What’s a B.E.E. Binder?

A B.E.E. Binder is a binder that you will use everyday to help you stay organized and make sure you have everything you need for school each day.  This binder  houses EVERYTHING you need, and will help me and your parents  keep up-to-date with what is going on in our classroom and at school.  Everything will be right here in our B.E.E. Binder!


What you will find inside our Bee Binders?

Front Pocket: This section of the binder will include any notices or communications from the teacher(s) that work with you.  This section should be checked daily by your grown up to facilitate communication between home and school.  

Labeled Pocket Dividers: Each pocket is labeled with the contents that will be kept inside.  There will be 5 pockets:

  • Pocket 1: Agendas-This is the book that you will write each night’s homework requirements in.  Be sure to log and track your assignments carefully!
  • Pocket 2: Homework Tasks-This pocket will keep any of the required homework assignments you will be responsible for.
  • Pocket 3: Classwork Tasks-This pocket will hold the tasks we were working on in class and may not have finished yet.
  • Pocket 4: Centers Tasks-This pocket will hold any activities you are working on during Centers/ WYN period.
  • Pocket 5: Tests/Quizzes-This pocket will be filled on  Fridays with assessments and its contents will need to be returned to school on Mondays.  Please be sure to check this section weekly so that you are aware of your child’s progress in school.