What does a PE lesson look like daily?

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Our daily lesson plan is broken down into 3 major areas.  In each of these areas we include activities that develop skills and concentrate on elements that coincide with each.


1.Dynamic Warmup- (4-6 min) Students engage in various stretches directed by the teacher or through the use of music to get their bodies moving and warmed up.

2. Fitness (6-10 min) During the fitness portion of the lesson, the body will be stressed in order to develop qualities of physical fitness- strength, flexibilyty and cario. We will play various tag games to get the students moving while having fun excercising! This is an area of the class that will also focus on cross curricular activities such as addition tag, spelling bee race, etc.

3. Lesson Focus-(16-20 minutes) The purpose is to carry out the objectives of the Physical Education program.