Sandwich Book Report

Sandwich Book Report


For your book report you will choose a fictional story from the Media Center.  After choosing your story, you will create a “sandwich” using the ingredients on the attached packet.  



  1.  Planning sheet → due Friday, 10/25
  2. Crayons, colored pencils, or crayons
  3. Paper Fastener
  4. Scissors
  5. “Sandwich” parts




  1.  On your planning sheet, organize the story elements.  The sheet should have the most important parts. It does not need to be in complete sentences. This is a rough draft.  


  1. Once your planning sheet has been approved, start writing the information NEATLY and CAREFULLY onto the sandwich parts.  Check over to ensure you

*write complete sentences with capital letters and the correct punctuation marks.  

* use correct spelling

* color each ingredient the appropriate color without coloring over your words. 


Sandwich Book Report




  1. Characters- Write about a MAIN character in the story.  Identify at least one specific trait about the character and provide an example.


  1. Setting (time and place)- Include when and where the story mostly takes place.  Provide specific information.  

Example: The story took place at school.  

Instead try: The setting of the story took place at Bee Meadow School during September.  


  1. Beginning- Summarize the main idea of the beginning of the story in 3-5 sentences.


  1. Middle- Summarize the main idea of the middle of the story in 3-5 sentences.


  1. End- Summarize the main idea of the end of the story in 3-5 sentences.


The book project is due 

FRIDAY, November 1st.