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About the PTA

Visit for more information regarding the NJPTA, including its mission.

Join the PTA:

Being a member DOES NOT require a time commitment. It does, however, allow you a voice and a vote.

General PTA Meetings:

September , November , January , March , May 

7:30 in the Cafeteria.

All Officers

  • Meet at least five times a year to plan PTA Meetings
  • Attend all PTA Meetings
  • Raise and pursue resolutions for issues that concern the SDS community
  • Recommend and evaluate PTA programs and activities
  • Solicit input from the SDS community about PTA programs and activities


  • Corresponds with the SDS parent community via email
  • Acts as primary liaison with principal and superintendent
  • Oversees all committee chairs & committee business
  • Represent school as a member of the PTA Advisory Committee
  • Participate in the Salem School Safety Committee

Vice President

  • Acts as Room Parent Coordinator
  • Chairs one additional committee
  • Assumes presidential responsibilities if needed


  • Keeps all the accounts for the SDS PTA
  • Writes reimbursement checks
  • Acts as primary liaison with bank and accountant


  • Records minutes at all PTA meetings
  • Chairs at least one committee
  • Keeps track of all official PTA correspondence
  • Writes PTA official correspondence
  • Chairs at least one committee

Committee Chairs

  • Acts as primary organizer/manager for his/her committee
  • Corresponds with any committee member volunteers
  • Holds committee meetings
  • Attends PTA meetings to report on / evaluate committee’s progress / completion
  • Corresponds with President to publicize event with flyers or sign-up websites, etc.
  • Creates documents to support programs including flyers and sign ups
  • Provides detailed documentation to the board including receipts, spreadsheets for accounting, and copies of all contracts and information provided by vendors in a timely manner.

Committee Members

  • Work at events at school, such as classroom parties or serving lunch
  • Work at home “behind the scenes” to make programs possible, such as managing Membership or working on Publishing Center books