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Become Eco Friendly

"What can a teen do to go GREEN?"

  • Eat out Less -  A lot of energy has gone into creating your food, and for the most part, restaurant-food isn’t made in a sustainable way.
  • Eat Less Meat - Especially if you’re going to eat out, reduce the meat intake. 
  • Take Your Own Shopping Bag - Yes an oldie but a goodie - start by going to your local thrift store and picking up some cheap bags. 
  • Turn off your computer - Start saving energy by shutting off your computer when not in use. If you have a laptop, even better, they conserve less energy - don’t use it plugged in if it has enough battery.
  • Hit the Lights - Even if you’re running to the bathroom or getting a snack “real quick” hit the lights.
  • Time Your Shower - Put a radio in the bathroom and limit yourself to one song. You will be saving lots of water (also turn off the water while brushing your teeth).
  • Let There Be (energy-efficient) Light! - If you have your own room, and your parent’s don’t mind - try swapping out the bulbs for CFL bulbs (or convince your parents to buy them). Also, if you have windows in your room, use natural light whenever possible.
  • Unplugged - Start looking around your room for items to “unplug.” .
  • Create Less Waste - Start paying attention to what you’re throwing away .
  • Greener Lunch - If you pack your own lunch for work/school, start using Tupperware (or is it Gladware now?) instead of disposable plastic baggies. 
  • Water - Start drinking water, a natural renewable resource, instead of soda. But don’t drink it from disposable bottles
  • Ride Your Bike or Just Walk! - Start riding your bike or walking to your friends house instead of driving.
  • No Disposables - When you’re grabbing something to eat at home, even if you have the option of a paper plate, go for the real one. You may not be able to convince your family to switch - but you’re leading by example.
  • Wear Em Out - Wear your clothes more than once. Start evaluating if something is really dirty. This will save on water and energy from doing laundry.
  • Educate Yourself - If you start slow it will just become habit, a lifestyle - you won’t even realize you’re doing it anymore.