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  • All the teachers and staff at Mountview Road School hope you are enjoying reading The Lemonade War

    Follow along in your book with our video readers, or simply listen to each chapter, then try answering the questions below.                      (click on the chapter link/s to open the video/audio file).

    Chapter 14: "Reconciliation" (to be read on Mar. 10)                Click here to view the reading by Mrs. Pratola and Mr. Pomel. 

    Put these events in order:   Evan didn’t want Jessie hanging out with him and Scott.  Jessie put bugs in the lemonade.  Evan was afraid of being embarrassed by Jessie being in his class.  Evan threatened to pulverize Jessie.  Jessie and Megan would not let Evan spend time with them.

    Chapter 13: "Crisis Management" (to be read on Mar. 9)                Click here to view the reading by Mr. Rockland.    

    Easier:  What does the phrase “giving him the business” mean?   A little more difficult:  When Evan thought the afternoon couldn’t get any better, what happened to make it better?     Challenging:   Why does Evan think the envelope slapping his leg as he played basketball was a reprimand (a scolding)?

    Chapter 12: "Waiting Period" (to be read on Mar. 8)                Click here to view the reading by Mrs. Marrese and a special guest.    

    Easier:  What did Evan and Jessie usually do together at the beach?   A little more difficult:  Is “Waiting Period” a good title for this chapter? Why?     Challenging:   Why was Jessie feeling sick as she got closer to home?

    Chapter 11: "A Total Loss" (to be read on Mar. 7)                Click here for the reading.    

    Easier:  How many cups of lemonade did Evan sell before someone saw a fruit fly in their cup?    A little more difficult:  What was the “moment of truth” for Evan after he snooped in Jessie’s room?     Challenging:   What evidence did Evan use to guess who sabotaged his lemonade?

    Chapter 10: "Malicious Mischief" (to be read on Mar. 4)   Click here to hear the reading by Mrs. Gervasio and Mrs. Wylie

    Easier:  What is the consequence in the Tresky home for entering your sibling’s room without an “express invitation?”     A little more difficult:  Why did Jessie decide not to include Megan’s money to help her win the bet?     Challenging:   After Jessie finally lets out her emotions and cries, what does Mrs. Tresky suggest? What does she explain?

    Chapter 9: "Negotiation" (to be read on Mar. 3)      Click here to view the reading by Mrs. Quinn.

    Easier:  What was Evan building at the beginning of the chapter?     A little more difficult:  Why did Evan suggest to Jessie that they cancel the lemonade war?     Challenging:   Why did Evan take back his offer and say the lemonade war was O-N? What was he really worried about?

    Chapter 8: "Going Global" (to be read on Mar. 2)     For the entire chapter click here.  To view the reading of the 2nd half of chapter 8 (from page 111) read by Mrs. Conte and Mrs. Petro click here.

    Easier:  What do Jessie and Megan decide to do with the money they earn?     A little more difficult:  What was Jessie’s new idea for selling lemonade?     Challenging:   Why is it that on some days Mrs. Tresky says Jessie is “persistent” and some days  Jessie “just didn’t know when enough was enough”.

    Chapter 7: "Location, Location, Location" (to be read on Mar. 1)     Read by our 1st grade team, Mrs. Allieri and Mrs. Downey

    Easier:  What gave Evan the idea to sell his lemonade for $2 a cup?     A little more difficult:  What strategy did Evan use to figure out his math problem?     Challenging:   When Evan sets up his stand at the town green, we are given a great description of the area.  Describe a time you remember with lots of detail.

    Chapter 6: "Underselling" (to be read on Feb. 28)                  Read by Mrs. Vogt (full chapter audio file) and                          Mr. Gathen (pages 78-86 video)

    Easier:  Why did Jessie and Megan have so few sales of lemonade?     A little more difficult:  How did Jessie use the idea of “value-added”?  How did Evan use the idea of “good will”?     Challenging:   Think about the different characters and how trustworthy they are, or are not.  How do they show others if they can be trusted?

    Chapter 5: "Competition" (to be read on Feb. 25)                  Read by our 2nd grade team: Ms. Bracho and Mr. Titus

    Easier:  What does Jessie want to do with her $100?          A little more difficult:  What triggered Evan and Jessie’s explosive argument?       Challenging:   Why does Evan think his bet with Jessie is so important?

    Chapter 4: "Partnership" (to be read on Feb. 24)                  Read by our 5th grade team: Mrs. Brennan, Ms. Martucci, Mrs. Huettenmoser, Mrs. Kalavrouziotis.

    Easier:  Describe Jessie and Megan’s new lemonade stand.     A little more difficult:  Do you think Jessie working with Megan from 4th grade is a good idea? What are some of Jessie’s reasons?       Challenging:   What was the real reason Jessie smiled and waved the money at Evan? What was Jessie hoping Evan would do?

    Chapter 3: "Joint Venture" (to be read on Feb. 23)              Read by Ms. Geannakakes

    Easier: What does Evan want to buy with the money he might make? Is Evan good at saving money?         A little more difficult:  What are Evan and his mom both good at?  What was the reason Evan was not getting many customers?       Challenging:   Evan felt he had no choice but to ask Scott to help. What does Evan really think of Scott? Why doesn’t he ask Jessie?

    Chapter 2: "Breakup" (to be read on Feb. 22)     Read by our 3rd grade team: Mrs. Rizzo, Mrs. Lisewski, Ms. Vassoler.

    Easier: What important news was in the letter?  Did Jessie and Evan feel the same or differently about it? Why?                 A little more difficult:  What book does Jessie read when she gets upset or angry or sad? What does Jessie think about feelings and understanding people?  Challenging: Why did Jessie feel that Evan was deserting her?  What is the real reason Evan is upset? (hint: Jessie wonders why Evan didn’t want her help).

    Chapter 1: "Slump" (to be read on Feb. 18)            Introduced by Mrs. Camean and Mrs. Wagner; read by Mrs. Camean.

    Easier:  What week of the year is it when the story begins?         A little more difficult: Evan tries to give Jessie “the big freeze”. What does that mean?   Challenging:  What was the real reason Evan was hiding in the basement with the lights off?





If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.