Mrs. Jodi Ciampa



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Mrs. Jodi Ciampa

I am passionate about Reading, Writing and being here at Memorial Junior School!

This is my first year at Memorial Junior School and couldn't be more excited!  I have so much to give your children.  Since graduating from college, I have taught every age, grade level and socioeconomic background in some way, including adults.  Before having my own children, I taught a 7th grade Reading and Writing class in Parsippany.  I loved that class and believe it is where my desire to write was born. I would describe myself as passionate about expressing my thoughts and feelings through writing.  I have learned to speak from the heart.  After having children, I decided to take some time off from teaching to be home with them but didn’t stop writing.  I maintained two parenting websites and was a blogger for numerous online newspapers and magazines such as the Huffington Post and Patches across the state.  I even created and owned my own magazine for a while called From One Mother to Another.  Now my children are 14 and 11 and I'm thrilled to be back in the classroom full time.  I feel I am so lucky because I can not only continue with my love for writing but can incorporate it with my love for teaching.  I believe I am living the best of both worlds as a Reading/Language Arts teacher here at MJS!  


If You Don't Like the Story You are Living, Write a New One!

          If You Don't Like the Story You Are Living,                 Write a New One!
  • My expectations for my students are the same as if they were my own children - to respect yourself and others, to always make an effort and to try to be the best person you can be.

    My expectations of myself as their teacher are the same as what I want for my own children - to make them feel validated, to create self worth and to help them become productive members of society.

    When parents, teachers and students work together as a team, they will no longer be expectations.  They will become a reality!  


  • Extra Help - If your child needs extra help, I am always available period 5/6.  They are welcomed to come to see me during study hall or even our lunch period.  Upon request, I can be available before or after school, as well.  Feel free to call the school or email me anytime with questions or concerns.