A Message from the Principal

    Doing your best is more important than doing the best.  – Shannon Miller 

    Thank you for visiting Mountview Road School and welcome!  I am honored to serve as principal of such a warm and special school community.  Working alongside such a knowledgeable and professional staff, a caring group of parents, and talented students is a true privilege. 

    Mountview Road School is a small, K-5 elementary school, rich with community pride.  With a population of about 250 students, and a highly skilled and dedicated staff, we are able to nurture our students, meet their needs, cultivate their interests, and help them grow.  We recognize that each child is an individual and each brings unique talents to our community; that’s what makes it so special.  At MTV, children come first!  

    Schools are in the business of learning and we strive to build our students’ critical thinking and literacy skills.  To succeed in the 21st century, our students will need to be able to communicate effectively, problem solve, and have strong interpersonal skills.  MTV builds this foundation in our students by offering rigorous and engaging academic programs in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and social studies.  Students are afforded varied learning opportunities, and technology is integrated into instruction, through the use of computers, document cameras, iPads, and Chromebooks.  Additionally, students are exposed to a variety of arts and specialized skills with instruction in the areas of music (choral – all grades, instrumental and strings for grades 4 & 5), art, computers, media, and physical education. 

    The Hanover Township Board of Education is committed to providing all students with the tools needed for success.  Pupils with distinctive needs and abilities have access to a host of services including Basic Skills Instruction, English as a Second Language, special education services, and programs to meet gifted needs.  At MTV we are pleased to offer a unique, accelerated math program to meet the individual needs of all students in grades four and five. 

    Recognizing our responsibility to build civic responsibility, we teach the “whole child” and have a strong character education program, designed around the tenets of good character (respect, caring, trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenship, and fairness), and aimed to promote strong self-esteem, respect for one another and differences, and positive peer interaction.  Through weekly instruction, as well as ongoing programs, assemblies, and celebrations, we promote a happy, respectful community.  Our MTV students know the expectation…”Do the right thing, even when no one is watching!”  Likewise, we have an active student council that sponsors a variety of fun, humanitarian efforts throughout the school year.  Students and staff show their MTV pride through participation in spirit days, food and clothing drives and various MTV PTA events.  MTV is a giving community, always eager to lend a helping hand. We are proud of our collaboration with an inner-city, after school club and thrilled to provide gift donations to support others in need (Team Walker).  Our generosity extends to those in need, both locally and far away.  Grounded on strong traditions, the MTV experience serves to form long-lasting memories with our students.  One of our most long-standing traditions includes our school song that proclaims that Mountview Students are the BEST!  

    We are fortunate to have the support of an active and child-centered PTA.  This organization does an outstanding job supporting our students and staff.  We appreciate their volunteer efforts throughout our school, including the library, classrooms and cafeteria.  They run a hot lunch program, Family Fun Nights, and a school-wide talent show.  Also, they run a Cultural Arts program which hosts various assemblies throughout the year, aligned to our curricular and social efforts.   I urge you to join and support the Mountview Road School PTA in whatever manner your schedule allows.  It makes a difference for our children. 

    Students need an audience to showcase their learning.  Please visit our website for information about various special events.  During the year we celebrate our students’ musical talents through Winter Holiday Shows (grades K-5) and our Spring Concert (grades 4 & 5).  Students in grades two present a Patriotic Day Show and the always-enjoyable, Get Up and Grow production.  Other special events include our Grade 5 Project Peace show, Third Grade Wax Museum, first grade’s cultural show, grade four’s science fun, and an end-of-the-year Kindergarten, Superkids celebration.

    There is much to celebrate at Mountview  and we are proud to be rewarded, daily, by the smiles on our students’ faces!   

     Carmen Camean, Principal 


    Make everyday count by giving your best.

    Offer others help and try to make the world a better place.

    Understand that mistakes and challenges often result in the best learning.

    Never back down from a challenge and never say never…your dreams are possible!

    Think morally and globally.

    View every experience as a learning opportunity and accept change.

    Insist on respect from others and make good choices by showing respect to others.

    Explore new possibilities and commit to lifelong learning.

    Wonder, question, and laugh… a lot!