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    61 Highland Avenue

    Whippany, New Jersey, 07981

    Phone:  (973) 515-2427

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    About Our School:
    Memorial Junior School, part of the Hanover Township Public School District, is located in Whippany, New Jersey.  Our school is currently home to approximately 500 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students with a professional staff of over 60 teachers.  Memorial Junior School is an inclusive learning community that offers a comprehensive academic program based on the framework of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  We have an outstanding middle school that promotes the intellectual and social/emotional development of our students in a caring, positive, and child-centered educational environment.  In addition, our character education initiatives inspire an appreciation and respect for all members of the school community.
    The programs of study place strong emphasis on academic achievement, interdisciplinary instruction, and advancing the use of technology in the classroom.  Our school offers a variety of programs including: after-school clubs, athletics, student government, world language exploration (French/Spanish), Career Awareness Day, exceptional music and theatre programs, and an environmental educational experience at Fairview Lake YMCA.  Our facilities feature a state-of-the-art auditorium, instructional media center, computer laboratory, music wing, science laboratories, two gymnasiums, and several athletic fields.
    Thanks to our dedicated faculty, committed student body, and supportive PTA, Memorial Junior School truly reflects our district’s vision statement:  “A Community That Inspires Excellence.”  Additionally, Memorial Junior School embodies the district's mission statement: "To provide a solid foundation for future success, children will be challenged to think critically, assume responsibility, contribute to their community, and care about others as well as themselves. All pupils’ unique abilities will be developed within a nurturing environment so that they achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at all grade levels through the offering of excellent and innovative academic, athletic, and artistic experiences." At the heart of Memorial Junior School are the Vikings' Core Values, which are built upon the six pillars of character. Our school climate is welcoming and promotes learning on a broad spectrum.