Mr. Graepel: Social Studies 8 and Social Studies 7


    8th Grade United States History engages students through a variety of activities that cover the history of the United States from before European settlement in the 1600's up through Reconstruction following the Civil War.  The course will look at people and events that defined our nation's early history and set the stage for the future of our nation, along with an examination of our government and civics.

    Units of Study:

    • Colonization to Revolution
    • A New Nation
    • The New Republic
    • The Nation Expands
    • The Nation Breaks Apart


    7th Grade Social Studies will cover an Introduction to Geography, Islam and the Arabian Peninsula, Sub-Saharan Africa, Early Civilizations of Latin America, Latin America Today, Early Europe and Feudal Japan, and Revolutionary Europe.  We will closely examine each of these time periods and cultures through the lens of geography, history and culture.

    Units of Study:

    • Geography and Map Skills
    • Islam and the Arabian Peninsula
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Early Civilizations of Latin America
    • Latin America Today
    • Early Europe and Feudal Japan
    • Revolutionairy Europe

    Please use this website as a resource and contact me if you have any questions or concerns, my email is andrew.graepel@htboe.org.