• Reading 7: Pd. 7-8

    Instructor: Mrs. Pallino
    Welcome to Seventh Grade Half-Year Reading!  This Half-Year Program will take you on a literary adventure filled with a variety of texts, application of literary terms, along with personal and real-world connections to literature.  

  • Reading is truly powerful! In addition to providing enjoyment and knowledge, reading also:

    Increases intelligence, Boosts brain power, Helps one become more empathetic, Allows for relaxation, and Improves one's sleep when reading before bed

    With this said, this year I am challenging my students to read for 40 minutes five days a week or read for a total of 200 minutes per week. Please notice the use of the word challenge, which is defined as a difficult undertaking. All I ask is that you read regularly. Your reading may be choice reading, however, I would like to encourage you to read a text at grade level with age-appropriate content. You may read articles, poems, and short stories, yet should also read larger pieces such as novels and biographies. Each day you read, please log your information on the reading log sheet. I will collect the logs every Monday.

    As stated by the infamous Dr. Seuss, "You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book."

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  • Seventh Grade Half-Year Reading

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  • Half-Year Reading

    In this class, we will explore excellent literature while enhancing our reading skills through group discussions, character analysis, as well as, making predictions and inferences. In addition, we will expand our vocabulary, appreciate reading for pleasure, demonstrate our creativity and individuality in book projects, and master our public speaking skills.

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