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    Please feel free to contact me at anytime.  
    Email: dana.hollywood@hanovertwpschools.org
    Phone: 973-515-2400
    Welcome to Kindergarten!
    I look forward to a wonderful year with my kindergarten students! It is my goal to provide your child with a warm, nurturing environment that enables him/her to be successful both academically and socially this year. We are going to be very busy learning about classroom procedures, reading exciting stories, exploring new math concepts and making new friends!

    Weekly Specials
    The students attend the following specials each week:
    Monday: Physical Education (Mr. Peterson) -don't forget your sneakers
    Tuesday: Media (Mrs. Pedalino) -don't forget your books
    Wednesday: Computers (Mr. Cashen)
    Thursday: Art (Mrs. Borbas) & World Language (Mrs. Gibbs)
    Friday: Music (Mr. Pomel)


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • Daily Homework: The children will have homework every Monday through Thursday. The homework will alternate between a review of math and language arts concepts. Online access to both the enVisions math series and Superkids language arts series is available. Passwords will be provided for at-home access. Please see the related links on this page.

    Monthly Homework: Once per month, "family" homework will be given. This is usually a fun arts and craft project. Projects are simple and can be completed with the art supplies you already have at home.

    Memory Word Homework: Later in the school year, the children will receive a green notebook for "memory words" they are learning. Weekly, a new word will be introduced and memorized. A related homework activity will be given for each new word.

    Leap Into Reading
    Read to or with your child every night for 20 minutes.