•  First Graders Rock!

    First Grade is going to be an amazing, fun year filled with lots of learning and new adventures!

    It is an important year in building foundational reading and math fluency skills.

    The best way to help your child in this important year is to read and practice math facts at home. 

                                                                                                             1st grade                                                                                                     

Flexible Instruction

  • Weekly Assignments- Please find all papers in the large envelope we sent home. Here are more specific guidelines on the daily assignments. Please remember if you don’t get to finish all assignments on the given day, they can be completed at your child’s pace. 


    Monday 3/23: Superkids Lesson 12.1

    • Reading: Read Golly Is on the Ball (This story is the Lucky Listener-no hard copy, please read it on the Superkids app) p.88-90
    • Spelling: Practice writing, reading, saying, and spelling List 24 (no hard copy) You can write the words on index cards or little pieces of paper to practice these cards throughout the week.  Pattern: -all words: call, mall, small, stall, wall, baseball, basketball, hallway, fallen, taller 
    • Math: worksheet (rooster hidden picture) Be sure to color it please.
    • Math: Through Clever, click on Pearson Successnet. There is a math fact game “Math Facts Practice” assigned to you. You can click addition and you can also try it with subtraction. If you need a password is it success1
    • Writing/Science: Write a sentence or two telling what you enjoy doing in spring. Begin with “In the spring I like to  _____________. Use the Superkids ice cream paper and illustrate a picture to go along with your sentences. Remember to put your name and date (with slash marks) on the first line of your paper! Check for capitals, periods and use your best spelling. Color your illustration. Put your completed work back in the envelope that we gave you!
    • D.E.A.R. time-(drop everything and read any books for 10-15 minutes)  Get a beach towel, make a tent with blankets if you want, get a few books, get comfortable and read!  
    • Special -Music 
    • Mindfulness - See Mrs. Dakak’s Flexible Learning Sheet- grade 1


    Flexible Learning -First Grade

About Me

  • Mrs. Lowy - Grade 1

    Instructor: Mrs. Lowy
    My contact information:
    Bee Meadow School- 973-515-2419

  • HW

    Math- A Math sheet is usually sent home Monday through Thursday to reinforce concept that was learned in class. 

    Spelling- Superkids Spelling List and Backpack pages are sent home during the week. 

    Reading - Please read with your child nightly for at least 15 minutes to practice fluency and retain current skills.

Resources from our School Nurse

Digital Learning

  • clever
    Clever is a software applications platform that gives students a single login for all of their online learning programs and resources.  Please click HERE for more information on using Clever.

    Sign in to Clever:



  • Welcome to First Grade!  It's going to be a productive year for your child.

    • Please make sure your child's name is on their backpacks, jackets, sweatshirts etc. 
    • We have physical education every Friday. Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers for physical education.
    • Your child may bring a healthy snack and drink for our morning snack break.  Please make sure your child knows what he/she is to eat at snack time.  Don't forget a drink for lunch (if you don't participate in the milk program).
    • This year, first graders will be going outside for recess at 11:55 and will eat lunch at 12:20.
    • Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outside recess.  Remember, sneakers are the best choice for playing on the playground. 
    • Your child will occassionally bring home their word book.  Have your child read the words to you and sign the word book that night.  Please make sure that this book is returned to school the next day.  The children are NOT to write or draw in this book!
    • Empty your child's folder every night.  Talk with your child about the work that they bring home.  Also, there will be important notes and information that you will need to be aware of.



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Related Arts Schedule

  • Monday - Music, Spanish (beginning late March)
    Tuesday - Media  
    Wednesday - Art
    Thursday - Computers
    Friday - Media (return books), Physical Education (wear sneakers)

Important Reminder

  • Remember to call the school office if your child is going to be absent or late for school.  Also, please call the office if your child's dismissal arrangements change during the school day.  Do not email me with this information because the office needs to be notified and then they will notify me.