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Welcome to 4B

  • January Update - Happy New Year!  This is an exciting time of year in Fourth Grade!  Students will soon begin the beloved unit on Lewis and Clark.  They will read, write, illustrate, and sing their way to their performance of the play "Lewis and Clark " scheduled for March 19th.  Mark your calendars!  Currently in Social Studies, students are learning about the beginnings of our great state, why the new colonies wanted independence from Great Britain, and how they gained their independence.  Looking ahead, our next unit in Science focuses on Environment.  Student investigations will trace the life cycle of a mealworm to beetle and test the preferred environments of pillbugs and sowbugs.  Fear not, this will all occur in the classroom!  




     4B students have the opportunity to earn Reading Certificates and record stickers for the total number of books read independently this year.  This reading can be done either at home or at school.  Please sign the certificates they bring home and encourage your child to participate. It is so much fun throughout the year to see the sticker chart grow! More importantly, there is significant research supporting the notion that children who read at home do better in school than their peers who do not read at home.  Students who are good readers also tend to be better spellers, writers, have richer vocabularies, and are more successful in the content areas, such as Science and Social Studies. The evidence is clear that reading at home is crucial to a child's academic success. 

    Please note that homework is posted on my webpage weekly.  It is intended to help you, as parents, help your children at home. Students are still required to copy the daily homework into their agenda each morning. Please note, it is always best to refer first to the student agenda as daily homework may change to meet the needs of the students. For example, the teacher may determine a need to reteach a concept in class affecting the previously planned homework.  In addition, specific Math homework will not be posted as students change classes for Math.  Typically, the homework corresponds to the Topic and Lesson covered in class that day.  See "Homework" below.  

    Throughout the school year, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I believe communication between home and school is paramount to student success.  Use either my school email address ( or or send in a written note.  I will respond as soon as possible.  Of course, you can always call the school office to leave a message.  Again, I will return the call promptly.

    Looking forward to a great school year, 

    Mrs. Brozyna

Related Arts Schedule

  • Monday:  Media 9:40

    Tuesday:  Spanish 8:55;  Music 9:40

    Wednesday:  Computers 8:55;  PE 9:40

    Thursday:  Art 9:40

    Friday:  2nd Computers 8:55;  PE 9:40




  • Sign on to Clever at home to access all Fourth Grade resources! 

    "Working Snack" mid-morning each day.  A dry snack is suggested in order to avoid sticky spills and damage to books and papers.  Remember to make healthy choices.  Thank you!





    Reading Notebook:  Reading Notebooks will be due on scheduled due day beginning the week of January 21st for Chapter 3 of Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis and Clark (Stem O).



    TUESDAY:  Study for Social Studies test on Thursday

    WEDNESDAYStudy for Social Studies test on Thursday

    THURSDAY: RN pages 99 and 100 (Spelling and Vocabulary Strategy)