• Miss Bracho - Grade 2

    Instructor: Miss Bracho

    Second Grade Rules!

Mr. Sir Grumpelstiltskin



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Mr. Sir Grumpelstiltskin

Sir Grumps is our class pet! Each week, one lucky student will bring Sir Grumps home to show him the fun things they do during the weekend. At the end of each weekened, the student will write in Sir Grumps' journal about their fun adventures together! Pictures are more than welcome in the journal, too. The following school day, the student will be able to share their adventures with Sir Grumps to the class. Sir Grumps comes equipped with himself, a personalized backapack, and a binder with his journal in it. Parents: Please make sure to keep Sir Grumps clean, as he is afraid of germs. Sir Grumps will be washed weekly, so no need to wash him. 

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