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Borrowing procedures.

  • Students have one Library Media class period each week for instruction and to select books.  Books are loaned for 1 week.  3rd, 4th and 5th graders are allowed 2 weeks.  A book may be renewed unless another student places a hold on that book.

    Returned books are quarantined before being re-shelved.

    It's a great idea to keep library books in the backpack so they are handy on library day.  Listing "library books" in the agenda as homework the night before Media class each week is also a great way to stay organized and prepared.  

    It is a library assignment to READ the books during the week.  All students are encouraged to borrow both fiction and non-fiction books; grades 2-4 complete logs for their non-fiction reading adventures in order to experience the wide variety of topics available.


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