Mrs. Roxane Lasiy ~ Contemporary Art & Design

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  • The Contemporary Art & Design class will be an opportunity for students to develop life skills necessary to become functioning members of society and to help them develop knowledge of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. All classes are in a laboratory setting that provides opportunities for learning by demonstration, practical hands-on experience, observation and discussion.

    Students will be involved with multi-demension, hands-on projects that promote the development of knowledge and skills in each of these areas. Experiences such as selecting aesthetically pleasing designs, completing art and sewing projects, and planning menus and producing healthy food will be supported through appropriate research including computer technology.

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6th Grade Contemporary Art & Design

  • Monkey pillow The 6th grade students have Contemporary Art & Design three days a week for one marking period. In this class, the students learn healthy food choices by understanding  MyPlate which is the current nutrition guide. It replaced the USDA's MyPyramid guide in 2011. Using computer technology, students will use their artistic talent and imagination in creating a decorative project that promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Students are given hands-on demonstrations of sewing techniques and create a hand-sewing project. Finally with time permitting, we learn about kitchen safety, mixing ingredients and baking.

7th Grade Contemporary Art & Design

  • Decorative pillows The seventh grade students have Contemporary Art & Design for one cycle. In this class, students learn how to identify ways to prevent food borne illness, principles of safe food handling and guidelines for preventing cross-contamination. Students will learn to identify the parts and uses of the sewing machine and construct and sew a project pillow of choice. Finally with time permitting, students will learn basic baking techniques and safety in the kitchen.

8th Grade Contemporary Art & Design

  • Tie Dye Shirt The eighth grade students have Contemporary Art & Design for one cycle. In this class, students will identify factors to consider for a successful restaurant and se the available technology to design a custom menu. Student will then design a tie-dye T-shirt using one of five designs. Finally with time permitting, students will demontrate basic techniques thar are part of the baking process and promoting safety in the the kitchen.