• Mrs. Valenti 7th MATH & 6th Accelerated   

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    Welcome to our class for the 2022-2023 school year!!!

     Welcome to seventh grade MATH and sixth grade accelerated math!

    Topics of Study 

    • Integers & Rational Numbers
    • Algebraic Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
    • Ratios, Rates & Proportions
    • Percents
    • Proportional Relationships
    • Data Analysis and Probability
    • Geometry 

    Who Am I?

    • Graduated from Rowan University
    • Elementary Education K-8; Minor: Psychology
    • Graduated from Montclair State University
    • Masters +30 in Guidance and Counseling 

    29th year teaching and I still LOVING IT!!!  I've been a teacher and a guidance counselor in NJ, CA, FL, VA and back to Jersey!

    • 3rd Year Teaching at MJS (1 ½ years as a Long-Term Substitute for Mrs. Begyn, Mrs. Enoch & Mrs. Mittler prior to last year).

    Contact me via email: marybeth.wallvalenti@hanovertwpschools.org or marybeth.wallvalenti@htboe.org

    ***** Please refer to Google Classroom for all information regarding our class and/or assignments (including daily homework). *****

    I look forward to working with you during this school year.