• Mr. Joshua Rockland                                  MJS Art Teacher, gr. 6-8.                          joshua.rockland@htboe.org

    Dear Students and Families:

    I am thrilled for my seventh year as MJS’s Art teacher! I am a lifelong Morristown resident with a BFA in Painting from Rutgers and Master's in Art Education from Montclair state. I am also a father and artist who loves travel, hiking and reading.

    I believe in providing accessible lessons to foster a lifelong appreciation for art and aesthetics among all students.  By making and discussing art, children become more creative and articulate, traits that will boost their success in any career someday. I look forward to a productive year where creating and showcasing student artwork has a central place in the MJS community! 

    Warmly, Mr. Rockland


    Project Grading Percentages

    • Objectives 20% 
    • Neatness/ Craftsmanship 20%
    • Time Management 20%
    • Creativity/ Aesthetics 20%
    • Effort 20%.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Please view my detailed rubric on this site or see me if you would like a copy of your scored rubric to clarify a project grade you have received.

    Art Room Rules

    • Listen
    • Raise Your Hand
    • Stay in Your Seat
    • Respect Everyone

    Behavioral Expectations: I strive to maintain a safe and positive Art classroom. I have your child’s welfare and best interests in mind and want to help them succeed in my class and life. I try to treat all students fairly and keep in mind that we are all human.

    At the same time, I try to discourage distractions and misbehavior. If a student displays improper behavior, I record a check. Examples include but are not limited to being out of their seat repeatedly, making and/or not cleaning a mess, using foul language, or throwing something. Egregious school rule violations could result in an automatic detention or referral. I may not give out a check every time a rule is broken, but more if it appears that a behavior is persistent. Also: if several students are exhibiting similar behavior-- for example talking while I am teaching-- but some appear to be doing so more egregiously or regularly, I will give a check fairly on a case by case basis. Three checks equals a lunch detention and an email home.


    Supplies: Please bring a drawing pencil and eraser daily.  

    MCCEA Poster Contest: Each year, MJS students may enter educational theme-based artwork. Winners win a prize and are recognized at a HTBOE meeting and opening ceremony of the MCCEA Pride event at the Rockaway Mall, and featured on next year’s calendar. Details will be announced at school.


     Art Club: 20 Thursdays 2:55-3:55

    • canvas painting, free drawing
    • welcoming & inclusive environment
    • pick up permission slip from Art room & return it


    • May 2023 in the cafeteria, the same night as the spring band concert.

    art show


    Art Club Character Ed. Themed Mural