•  Mrs. Mascolo

    email: diane.mascolo@hanovertwpschools.org

  • Accelerated 7th Pre-Algebra

    Instructor: Mrs. Mascolo

    Accelerated 7th grade mathematics is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards while preparing students for an honor level 8th grade algebra class as well as PARCC.  The curriculum covers variables, expressions & integers; solving equations; multi-step equations & inequalities; factors, fractions, & exponents; rational numbers & equations; ratio, proportion, & probability; percents; linear functions; real numbers & right triangles; measurement, area, & volume; data analysis & probability; as well as polynomials & nonlinear functions.

  • Mathematics 7

    Instructor: Mrs. Mascolo

    Mathematics 7 is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in preparation for the PARCC assessment in the spring.  The curriculum covers: Integers & Rational Numbers; Equations; Inequalities; Ratios, Rates & Proportions; Percents; Geometry & Area; Surface Area & Volume; Analyzing Data; as well as Probability.

  • All homework will be posted on Google Classroom.  Link below:

    Google Classroom