Director's Message

  • The Hanover Township Public Schools are committed to ensuring that all students receive an education that allows them to grow academically and socially.  For children who experience challenges in the learning process, the Department of Special Services strives to provide a wide array resources to work in concert with the general education faculty and staff, to facilitate students' continued learning and development.  The district remains dedicated to its long-standing tradition of providing comprehensive services and resources to students who require them, in an inclusive educational environment. 

    To accomplish these aims, the Department of Special Services employs the following professional staff members:

    • School Social Workers
    School Psychologists
    • Learning Disability Teacher-Consultants
    Speech Language Specialists
    Occupational and Physical Therapists
    Additional specialists as Required to meet individual student’s needs

    The Department also employs paraprofessional assistants to work in collaboration with the certified staff members to support the needs of their assigned students across the various school settings.

    Greg Margolis
    Director of Special Services
    (973) 515-2443