• School Year:

    All three elementary schools have two HTSACC programs that operate according to the Hanover Township Public Schools calendar.  In grades K-5, children may register for 1-5 days per week. 

    Earlybirds-EB:     7:30-8:45                            

    Earlybirds was designed with the "early riser" in mind.  Our program provides fun, low-stress activities such as board games, puzzles, cards, and simple arts/crafts.  We also provide a light breakfast.  *Please note:  After 8:30 AM we are dismissing the children to school. If you arrive at school after 8:30 please use the regular morning line-up procedure instead of bringing your child into Early Birds.

    After School Kids – ASK:     3:05-6:00                              

    The After School Kids program is designed to allow the children to explore their own interests through the various materials provided for “free play” and through the activities that are provided regularly by the staff. These activities include arts and crafts, board games, science projects, cooking and organized indoor and outdoor games. HTSACC staff work with the children in order to develop programming that meets the needs and the interests of a multi-aged group of children.  A quiet time is available each day for the children to work on their homework.

    Early Dismissal:     12:45-6:00

    The school calendar includes a number of days when early dismissal is required. On early dismissal days, the children spend an extended period of time in After Schools Kids.  Children registered for the day that the Early Dismissal falls on will be dismissed to HTSACC at 12:45 PM.  There is NO school lunch or milk on half days - please be sure to send in a lunch and beverage with your child. If your child is not registered for a day that an Early Dismissal falls on, you can use our Unscheduled Attendance option - please call the office to reserve your space.  

    **Please note that HTSACC closes at 4:00 PM on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 

  • Holiday Care

    On certain non-district holidays when school is closed, HTSACC provides a full day of school care for children enrolled in the HTSACC program.  The day's schedule will include outside time, project stations, quiet time, special events and depending on the schedule, field trips. The HTSACC program will provide a light breakfast and a nutritious afternoon snack.  Parents provide lunch and a beverage, HTSACC will provide a light breakfast and snacks.  All Holiday Care is held at Bee Meadow School. Please note - your child/ren must be registered with HTSACC in order to attend Holiday Care.  Holiday Care requires a seperate registration and payment, and forms can be found at each site or at the district web-site - www.hanovertwpschools.com - under Registration, then Holiday Care.  Forms must be downloaded, printed and returned to the HTSACC office with full payment by the registration deadline.

    Holiday Care Dates:

    Holiday Care takes place during Columbus Day, Teacher's Convention, and the week of Spring Break.  Registration for Holiday Care will be available a month prior, online and sent out via an alert.  Holiday Care will take place at Bee Meadow School from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM.