• 2nd & 3rd Grade


    Rube Goldberg Machines!

               Rube Goldberg designed machines that made simple tasks much more complicated! These machines use contraptions, inventions, or devices to make chain reactions that accomplish the simple tasks! In 2nd and 3rd grade Technology Club, we watched the Rube Goldberg machine video below, featuring the band "Ok Go" to see one of these machines in action!

    Rube Goldberg Machines - OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

    Click the picture to watch!

    Rube Goldberg - OK Go - This Too Shall Pass  

    Afterwards, we solved a Rube Goldberg machine of our own by figuring out how we could get all of the parts of the machine to fit in the right spots! Have fun!

    Goldburger to Go! - Click on the picture to play!

    Goldberger to Go!


    Stop Motion Animation Project!
               Stop motion animation is created when you take a series of pictures, or frames, of an object while moving that object a little at a time in each picture. When you put those pictures together, one after another, it looks like the object is moving on its own! We will be using KidPix to create Stop-Motion Animations in Technology Club. Below are some videos and tools to make your own Stop-Motion Animations at home! Be creative and have fun!


    Create your very own Stop-Motion
    Animation that you can save as
    a GIF file and play over and over again!

    Stop-Motion Animation Using M&M's!

    Watch this video to see an example
    of how Stop-Motion Animation works!
    (We watched this video in Tech Club!)

    Western Spaghetti
    Stop Motion Animation

    How many different objects did it take to make this Stop-Motion Animation?

    Build Your Own Roller Coaster!
    Roller Coaster Builder!

    Create Your Own Comics Strip!
    Make Belief Comix!

    3D Hologram Video #1

    3D Hologram Video #2
    Disneyland Fireworks!

    3D Hologram Video #3

    3D Hologram Video #4