Letter to Parents and Guardians

  • To all Parents/Guardians:
    As part of our District’s reopening plan, prior to sending your child to school each day, parents/guardians must screen their child using the rSchoolToday app.
    Although the rSchoolToday app can be used for several functions, our district will only be utilizing the “Daily Health Screening” component.
    Below are two links to help walk you through the process of downloading, installing, and using the “Daily Health Screening” portion of the app.
    TIP: When searching for the school name in the initial app setup, use Hanover Township Public Schools.
    A Parent/Guardian for the student will be required to sign in using the email entered in your PowerSchool account.
    Please remember to complete one screening form for each child attending our schools.
    Parents are reminded to complete and submit each student’s certification form prior to 7am for Memorial Jr students and 7:30am for Elementary School students.