• Computers 8 (Cycle)  


    General Information:

    Computers are an integral part of our lives. In Computers Applications students practice typing in order to improve their accuracy and speed. Students will begin the cycle focusing on their future. They will be provided with several online sources via which they can research an select possible careers. Then, they will learn about Google Sheets as they create a spreadsheet that evaluates their income for these careers as well as expenses they will face living independently. They will create an iMovie, showcasing how they will move from 8th grade through various levels of education to work in the career of their choice. They will also participate in a poster contest where the selected winners will help advertise for future MJS events. 

    Expectations and Goals:

    Students will be proficient typists. Students will be comfortable creating and revising Google Sheets spreadsheets, using formulas to perform calculations. They will also have confidence using various presentation technologies so that they can present topics for 8th grade and high school classes with ease.


    Course Materials:

    No textbooks or supplies required.


    Assignments will be graded using a rubric or point system.  Some of the projects/assignments this quarter will include:

    • Typing Club Pro
    • Google Sheets - formula work and financial planning  
    • iMovie to present possible future career choice
    • Digital Citizenship (Cyber Issues)
    • Google Classroom Discussion Forum 
    • Poster Contest to advertise for MJS events using Google Drawings



    Cycle Class - no homework


    Extra Help Hours:

    7:30 A.M.


    Online Resources:

    Links to online resources made available via Google Classroom.