6th Grade Overview

  • Computers 6 (Quarter)  


    General Information:

    Students will be exposed to a variety of topics and acquire skills which include:

    • Work on Typing Skills using Typing Club Pro
    • Digital Citizenship Lessons
    • Discuss Cyber Issues (cyber security, cyberbullying, cyber ethics)
    • Learn how to do online research using citations
    • Microbits (coding with MakeCode)
    • Blogging with epal students from Taiwan
    • Networks & the Internet
    • Code using the Scratch programming language
    • Financial Literacy using THE VAULT program

    Expectations and Goals:

    Students will be proficient typists. They will learn about a variety of digital citizenship topics including finding balance in a digital world, phishing, and your online identity.  Students will understand the relationship between hardware and software as well as understand the history of computers and how networks and the internet work.  Basic coding skills will be achieved via the use of Scratch and the new addition of Microbits.  Towards the end of the quarter, the students will complete the financial literacy program which goes over the basics of how to be responsible with money.


    Course Materials:

    No textbooks or supplies required.


    Assignments will be graded using a rubric or point system.  Some of the projects/assignments this quarter will include:

    • Typing Club Pro
    • Digital Citizenship digital worksheets & quizzes
    • Google Drawing Brochure on Cyber Issues (security, ethics, cyberbullying)
    • Coding with Scratch and MakeCode
    • Microbits project - student choice
    • BrainPop classroom with activities, worksheets, challenges, games, and quizzes
    • ePals with Taiwanese students
    • The Vault - financial literacy web-based program including digital quizzes



    Cycle Class - no homework


    Extra Help Hours:

    7:30 A.M.


    Online Resources:

    Links to online resources made available via Google Classroom.