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  • Day of the Dead Information

    Day of the Dead, or "Día de los Muertos", is an important holiday celebrated in Mexico and several Latin American countries, as well as in parts of the United States.  While it may seem scary or morbid, the name is quite deceiving:  this is a joyous celebration that brings families together to remember those who are no longer with them.  Our upcoming lessons will help to bring this holiday to life for our students.  By sharing these traditions, students will gain an understanding of other cultures and realize that families around the world have different traditions and customs.  

    Below is detailed information about the resources (listed by grade level) that will be used in the upcoming lessons featuring this exciting holiday.  Resources have been carefully chosen to be age-appropriate, even for some of our youngest learners.  Please feel free to preview them and reach out with any questions or concerns. ¡Gracias!

    Grade 1 (iAu & 1D = 10/26, 1A = 10/30)Click link for a Review of Netflix's "Super Monsters: Vida's First Halloween" OR Click for link to episode preview  *Note:  the words "death", "dead", "die" are never mentioned during the episode (other than subtitles that read "Day of the Dead")

    Grade 2 (2T= 10/26, 2B= 10/30): Click link for the Día de los Muertos book synopsis/review; Chumbala, Cachumbala Song

    Grade 3 (3R = 10/26, 3V = 10/30) : Click link for Nickelodeon's Casagrandes "Día de Muertos" episode; Chumbala, Cachumbala Song


  • When is World Language???


    Mondays (from Sept. 11-Dec. 7) = Mountview Road School (grades K-3)

    Tuesdays (all year) = Salem Drive School, Grades 4 and 5

    Wednesdays (all year) = Mountview Road School, Grades 4 and 5

    Thursdays (from Sept. 7-Dec. 7) = Mountview Road School (grades K-3)

    Fridays (all year) = Bee Meadow School, Grades 4 and 5


    *K-3 Rotation at BMS begins on Dec. 13

    *K-3 Rotation at SDS begins on Mar. 21


    Check out this fun video!





  • Tips for Parents


    • Embrace the culture:  Try "Taco Tuesday" or watch the movie "Coco" as a family


    • Try to incorporate Spanish words, such as "Hola", "Adiós", or "Gracias", into your daily routine.


    • Look for Spanish all around you!  You might be surprised just how many common household products/items feature bilingual labels.


    • Encourage your child to share what he/she is learning in World Language class; let him/her be the teacher!  
  • email:  kimberly.gibbs@hanovertwpschools.org