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    Mrs. Lisewski - Grade 3

    Instructor: Mrs. Lisewski

    Fall reminds me of bright beautiful leaves, apple pie, big yellow school buses and backpacks full of new school supplies.  Ready or not... it's back to school again and what an exciting new year it will be.  Third grade is a big year for students as new concepts are introduced in each of the subject areas.   Also, third graders are ready to take on a bit more responsibility in and out of the classroom.  This year, students can look forward to Genius Hour, earning, saving, and spending money in a classroom economy, creative reading activities, math centers and STEM projects and more... One of the most exciting events in third grade is the use of our chrome books.  This year third graders will receive Google accounts through the district.  We will use these accounts to create Google docs, Google slideshows, and Google Classroom.  In fact, Google classroom is where you will find all of my links to websites, homework, videos, study guides, and more.  Third grade will be a wonderful adventure and I  look forward to a great year with all of you.  You can reach me at renee.lisewski@hanovertwpschools.org.  My door is always open!

    Mrs. Lisewski






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  • Monday- Art, Computers
    Tuesday- Music
    Wednesday- Gym
    Thursday- Library
    Friday- Gym