• Art Show Submission Reminder: Please submit ONE favorite piece of artwork to me at any time of the year that you completed in Art class; I will store it and return it to you in the spring after the Art show.

    Mr. Joshua Rockland                                                      Mountview Art Teacher, gr. K-5                                              joshua.rockland@hanovertwpschools.org

    Dear Students and Families:

    I am thrilled to start my third year teaching Art at Mountview! In Art class, students complete dynamic projects in drawing, painting, sculpture, and crafts. We include art history and aesthetics to complement these projects.

    I believe that Art lessons should be fun and accessible to all students and generate an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life and the natural world. I strive to make our MTV Art classroom a positive, encouraging learning environment with a sense of community among students. Please scroll down to see some basic class information as well as special Art events. 


    Supplies & Smock: We provide all Art supplies needed for our students. I only use paints labelled "washable" in this class, which are generally safe for clothing; therefore, a smock is not necessary for my class. If you wish to send one in a plastic bag labelled with your child's name, I will be happy to store it.

    Art Room Rules

    • Listen 
    • Raise Your Hand
    • Stay in Your Seat
    • Keep Noise Down

    Behavioral ExpectationsI try to make lessons interesting and fun so students are engaged and focused on their work. I only ask that students show respect, participate, and put their best foot forward in class. 

    class noise level reminder: Green-Yellow-Red indicated on the board.   

    breaking class rules: 1-2-3 checks on board: third is an email home with friendly reminder about behavior

    Artist of the Week: awarded to a student with excellent work and behavior; all eventually receive this at least once.

    Golden Palette: given to acknowledge an entire class for exemplary behavior that day. 

    Grading: Art grades at the elementary level are mainly a mark of progress on how students are achieving learning standards. My grades factor in the following criteria: following directions, time management, effort, creativity and neatness. A mark is also given for personal development.

    MTV Art Curriculum Displays Excerpts: Art Elements, Vocabulary, Art History 

    Elements of Art

    Art Vocabulary

    Art History

    MCCEA Poster Contest: for interested students. Each year, an educational theme is chosen and participants are tasked to create a visual illustration to accompany the provided theme's text. Artwork is made on 11”x17” or 12”x18” paper in landscape orientation. District winners receive a prize, are recognized at a BOE meeting, and have their work featured in the MCCEA calendar. Details will be announced at school in the winter.

    MCCEA Poster Contest


    • Date: April 18th during spring Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Where: MTV Library
    • What: Great student artwork! Fun, Art related activities, refreshments, music
    • Submission: please submit one favorite piece of art at anytime made in Art class during the '23-'24. Students will get their work back shortly after the show.